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We are specialized in buying and selling Semi Trailers.

KMK Trailers specializes in buying and selling trailers. We carry a huge variety of trailer brands including Doepker, Etnyre, LoadLine, Trail King, Tremcar, Trout River, Walinga, Mac, Raglan, Advance, Heil,Lazer Inox, Midland, Stephens and Polar.

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Dry bulk commodity refers to unpackaged materials like iron ore, coal, grain, flour, sugar, cement, and sand. The equipment used to move these materials from one location to another varies depending on the handling requirements of the bulk. The trucking of bulk and packaged materials is significantly different. In the transportation of bulk materials, tank trailers should be completely sealed to avoid material loss during transportation.

KMK Trailers have the largest inventory for second-hand semi-trailers. We specialize in the buy-and-sell of a wide array of trailer brands. Dry bulk and pneumatic tank trailers make up most of our inventory, but we also have belt, bottom dump, crude oil, end dump, log, side dump, and water tank trailers; these can be made from stainless steel or aluminum.

2011 Lazer Inox 1300 ft3 Aluminum  Pneumatic Dry Bulk Cement/Sand Pallet Tank Trailer
2011 Lazer Inox 1300 ft3 Aluminum Pneumatic Dry Bulk Cement/Sand Pallet Tank Trailer

Transporting bulk materials can be very challenging even when one is experienced with shipping packaged products. Listed below are some important factors to consider when shipping dry bulk materials.

Tank Washing

Dry bulk trailers should be washed thoroughly at a certified tank washing facility after unloading. This is to avoid cross-contamination of the bulk materials to be hauled next. Tank washing is usually done using detergent with high-pressure water or a caustic cleaning solution. In some cases where more meticulous cleaning is required, someone enters the tank and manually scrubs all parts. If the material to be loaded is different from the previous load, conversion washing is performed. In conversion washing, the fittings and the pipe connected at the bottom of the trailer are removed and are carefully cleaned to ensure no particles are left.

Lead Time

Dry bulk trailers are often dedicated to specific materials to avoid contamination. Food-grade materials cannot be shipped using a trailer used to carry cement, sand, or clay. That said, there is a small number of dry bulk trailers available in comparison to box trailers. As a result, dry bulk trailers have longer lead times.

Bulk Weight and Volume

The bulk material's weight and volume determine the capacity the trailer must have. Knowing these measurements will spare you from overweight fines. Using a certified scale, the weight of the load can be measured by determining the weight difference between the loaded and empty truck.

Loading and Unloading

Dry bulk trailers have manholes on top for the loading of materials. The materials flow from the source into the tank through a chute. Before loading, the trailer should be checked for cleanliness; this can be confirmed by a wash slip from a certified tank washing facility. When the loading is done, ensure all manholes and valves are locked tightly to avoid leakage. During unloading, there should be enough space in the receiving vessel to accommodate the outgoing materials. Additionally, the pressure inside the hose connecting the pipe at the bottom of the hopper to the receiving vessel should be well-regulated for the smooth transfer of materials.


The driver of the dry bulk trailer must be well-trained to avoid accidents on the road and unload the materials safely. In addition, all personnel that will assist in loading and unloading should be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE). There should also be catwalks and other safety equipment to ensure the safe loading of materials into the tanks.

The dry bulk shipping industry plays a great role in the supply chain. Dry bulk materials are the raw materials of many products we use every day. KMK Trailers supports this industry by providing excellent service in the trading of used trailers. Visit our website to learn more about our offerings. For further inquiries, feel free to contact us.